Daily life

At Whitgift Care, our homes are just that — a place you can call home.

We know it’s important to be active, have fun and make friends so both staff and residents alike let social and activities calendars take precedence in daily life.

Our activities co-ordinators are dedicated to organising a varied programme of enjoyable activities including quizzes, exercises, crafts, tea parties, charity fundraising and musical entertainment to name a few. Residents look forward to annual events including summer garden parties, croquet tournaments, carol services and our Founder’s Day.

We also encourage residents to get involved in the running of the homes through gardening, taking part in resident meetings or producing homes’ newsletters.

Alternatively, there’s always the opportunity to relax, put the feet up and read the paper or chat with family and friends in each of the homes’ beautiful landscaped gardens.

Above all, it’s down to each individual’s choice.